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Transmission, Transfer Case, and Axle Assembly Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a quality used driveline part from Elmer's Auto Salvage. This unit comes available with one of the finest warranties in our industry. In our effort to help you protect your investment, we have developed this helpful checklist because we do not warrant a part failure resulting from improper installation. Note: Most driveline failures are due to avoidable installation mistakes. Please follow these instructions and take the time to do the job right.

  • Compare with previous unit for correct application. Pay particular attention to electrical plug-ins.
  • Clean and inspect all related parts to be installed.
  • Install new front seal, rear seal and/or axle seals.
  • Thoroughly flush transmission cooler and lines to clean suspended debris from the original failed unit. If external cooler appears plugged REPLACE IT.
  • Install new filter and gasket kit.
  • Always fill oil to proper levels with proper type of fluid. On foreign vehicles also fill the differential side of the transmission.
  • Adjust excessive, improper, corroded or defective throw out arm, detent cable, shifting mechanism and/or clutch cables.
Unit #________ carries a ______ limited parts and ______ labor warranty from the date of sale.
You are being charged for the transmission with torque converter, or transfer case, or axle assembly. Any attached parts are left on to facilitate installation only, and are NOT COVERED by warranty.
You must install torque converter supplied with the transmission or a re-manufactured converter.
Axle assembly does not warranty condition of brakes, and does not include drums unless specified on purchase receipt.
Our Warranty liability is limited to part replacement or purchase cost plus above specified labor for parts professionally installed by certified mechanics. Labor will be reimbursed at the wholesale rate up to the prescribed maximums*. All warranty claims must be pre-approved by Elmer's Auto Inc. prior to any warranty work to be performed. For pre-approval call 608-687-9211 or 800-362-5004. Elmer's Auto, Inc. and the "Chilton Labor Manual" will be used to determine labor time.
* Labor maximums are as follows: $250 on FWD and AWD transmissions, $150 on RWD transmissions, transfer cases, and axle assemblies.
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