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Engine Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a quality used engine from Elmer's Auto Salvage. This unit comes available with one of the finest warranties in our industry. In our effort to help you protect your investment, we have developed this helpful checklist because we do not warrant an engine failure resulting from improper installation. Note: Most engine failures are due to avoidable installation mistakes. Please follow these instructions and take the time to do the job right.

  • Compare with previous engine for correct application.
  • Compare wire harness plug and distributor plug to make sure they match.
  • Clean and inspect all related parts to be installed.
  • Check hoses and determine that the radiator is not plugged, leaking, or restricted.
  • Change the thermostat and in some cases it may be necessary to change water pump.
  • Inspect and if needed replace timing belt on OHC type engines.
  • Check electrical fan and sending unit.
  • Thoroughly clean or replace air cleaners, crank case vent tubes, oil cooler, oil filter.
  • Be sure to check oil level (most engines are drained when vehicle is dismantled). Priming oil pump avoids the leading cause of engine failure: "Dry Start".
  • Double check that distributor is fully engaged and locked in the oil pump to proper depth.
  • Determine that heat riser or exhaust thermostat is free.
  • Adjust excessive, improper, corroded or defective throw-out arm, shifting mechanism, and/or clutch and cables.
  • Inspect for oil pressure as soon as started. Check for oil and water leaks. Do not install radiator cap until water is observed to be circulating.
  • Check all emissions controls including catalytic converter.
  • Check advance on distributor - time to factory specifications.
  • Check fuel pump for proper pressure. Check double diaphragm type for faulty vacuum booster, which can pump oil through intake system.
  • After bolting transmission to engine crankshaft and thrust in must have at least .600 clearance.
Engine #________ carries a ______ limited parts and ______ labor warranty from the date of sale. It is warranted to be a good used engine and not to use excessive amount of oil for the year and model under normal use. It is further warranted to not have a flat crank, broken pistons, cracked head or block for the period of the warranty.
You are being charged ONLY for the BLOCK, HEAD(s), and ROTATING ASSEMBLY. Any attached parts are left on for the customer's convenience, to facilitate installation only, and are NOT COVERED by warranty.
Our Warranty liability is limited to the engine replacement or COST refund of the engine, plus above specified labor at a negotiated Wholesale rate for engines installed by certified technicians (Engine installation labor carries a maximum of $400 coverage). All warranty claims must be pre-approved by Elmer's Auto Inc. prior to any work to be performed. For pre-approval call 608-687-9211 or 800-362-5004. Elmer's Auto, Inc. and the "Chilton Labor Manual" will determine hourly labor time.
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